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Industry 4.0
May 15,2022  /   Industry news

     With the fourth generation of industrial revolution, new technologies are introduced with a vision of automating and simplifying complex manufacturing processes. Industry 4.0 is witnessing rapid developments in factories equipped with high performing industrial computers, smart robotics, and reliable machine-to-machine communication, offering enhanced flexibility with accelerated production and time-to-market.

KinKuo as a leader in technological advancements, is equipped with a range of connector and cable solutions to support various equipment enabling Industry 4.0. These interconnect components are tough, durable, and feature the most advanced sealing, ingress protections, and electromagnetic shielding demanded by the harsh factory environments.

Programmable Logic Controllers and Servo Drives act as the backbone of factory automation. KinKuo provides advanced connectors and cable solutions for driving the sensors and device controls with added efficiency.

Whether it be PLCs, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines, or Robots, Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays are empaneled into the equipment cabinets that help human operators directly control, monitor and customize the automation with a press of a finger. KinKuo's HMI support includes fine pitch flex and board connectors, memory, and flash media memory interconnects.

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gaining momentum, Robotic functions will be streamlined to achieve the next level of intelligence. In this regard, KinKuo's rugged and durable I/O connectors with support for PoE (Power over Ethernet), PoDL (Power over Data Line), and Gigabit Ethernet will be value-adds to next gen controllers aimed at robotic arms, independent robots, and AI vision systems.

Rugged Industrial Computers are also getting tuned up for advanced smart factories by showcasing a superior array of processing, memory, storage, and peripheral components. KinKuo’s comprehensive range of I/O, PCB, storage, server, and power solutions cover everything from the basic single computing boards to the advanced Industrial Embedded Servers. In addition, KinKuo provides high power solutions for the Smart Grid. Our high current power supply and bus bar connectors come in various form factors including circular for indoor or outdoor usage. Our custom capabilities extend to providing robust solutions for battery-operated power tools.

Check out our full array of interconnect products covering the end-to-end needs of your Industry 4.0 projects.