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5G Application
Aug 18,2021  /   Industry news

The future of speed is at our fingertips with the advent of 5G changing the way the world connects and communicates. As the applications of tomorrow race to keep pace with the ever changing 5G infrastructure and the resulting ramp-ups in speed and accuracy, KinKuo is ready with an offering of consistently high performing connectors and cables that meet super-speed, ultra-low latency requirements in a compact, lightweight form factor.

Check out our array of sophisticated connector products for increased speed, capacity, and durability in the sub applications and devices of the 5G network.

Network Switch & Gateway

Network gateways, switches and servers are an integral part of the 5G network, especially inside the 5G core, where all the post processing of the signal is carried out before being sent to the data centers. A major part of the 5G advantage is realized inside the core. The gateways implement novel techniques like Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Carrier Aggregation (CA) and Network Slicing to decode and multiplex the signals and then route them to the data centers for further processing. 

Transport / Fronthaul / Backhaul / Transponder

Transponders are interconnected units associated with the RRU or the BBU and play a large part in the transport of the 5G signal. The first half of the transport procedure is called fronthaul, where fiber optic signals from the RRU are fine-tuned by the transponder using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) techniques and then passed on to the BBU and edge servers that are part of the CRAN. The latter half of the procedure where the signals from the CRAN unit are passed on by optics or wireless to the core and further on to the data center is called Backhaul. Amphenol provides connectors that go inside the transponders and routers that assure a smooth run of the 5G transport.