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Data Centers
Dec 28,2021  /   Industry news

      Data Centers are storehouses of shared application and data. These dedicated spaces house numerous computers, servers, storage systems, and other related components like routers, switches, and firewalls. Modern Data Centers focus on data storage and transfer of data through virtual networks connected across multiple cloud platforms. They are the base for varied activities in the world of Information Technology, from fundamentals like email and file sharing, to advanced technologies like Big Data, AI, and machine learning. The reliability and efficiency of the world of data and communication is centered on the performance of Data Centers. KinKuo provides a wide range of the most advanced interconnect solutions for modern Data Centers and all their components.

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Like any storage system, Data Center storage can be defined as a device, tool or software technology that stores data. It can be the combination of several HDDs, tape drives and SSDs, or virtual storage facilities like the cloud. These high performing storage drives are connected to servers through storage network technologies like Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), and are part of backup means like Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). KinKuo has a robust portfolio of high performance, reliable storage connectors that are ideal for Data Center storage systems.

Server / Switch Router

Data Center Switch units are arranged in a Data Center rack and are responsible for transferring data in and out of servers and storage. While the servers process information, the flow of network traffic is controlled by the switches and routers, allowing the systems within the network to communicate with each other. Switches connect devices within the network, whereas routers are used to establish connection between networks. Switches support high-bandwidth interconnections using various protocols. KinKuo offers many interconnect solutions like High Speed I/O Connectors, Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board Connectors, Memory, Media, and Peripheral Connectors, Modular Jack and USB solutions, and SATA and SAS Storage Connectors, which help in the flawless performance of these systems.